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Recorded at Heinz Memorial Chapel in December 2003, this collection of songs performed by acclaimed Pittsburgh vocalist Daphne Alderson captures the beauty of her live concert appearances at the chapel. Her breathtaking performance of love songs from throughout the ages and across cultural borders will enchant and delight listeners.

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Tant Que VivrayText
by Clemont Marot

As long as I live and flourish
I will serve Jesus the great God
In word and deed, in song and harmony.

For several days it made me languish,
But after sorrow came rejoicing
Since the beautiful limbed woman loves me.

We are promised to each other.

Her heart is mine, mine is hers.
Away with sadness, rejoice in life,
For the joys of love are many.

La Vie en Rose

(Life Through Rose-Coloured Glasses)
Music by Louiguy/Words by Edith Piaf

Eyes that look down into mine, a laugh that stays lost on his mouth; there is the untouched portrait of the man who belongs to me.

Nights of love to die for, a big happiness replaces the worries, troubles fade away; [he is] happy to please me.

When he takes me in his arms, he speaks to me very low and I see life through rose-coloured glasses. He tells me words of love, those everyday words, and that does something to me; he has entered my heart, the best part, which is the reason why it’s him for me and I for him in life; he has told me this and it’s decided forever. I am aware of this and my heart beats for him!

Tant’anni Fa

(The Theme from Love Affair)
Music by Ennio Morricone/Lyrics by Daphne Alderson

So many years ago, it seems like yesterday that a single look, a glance started a great love. When I saw your smile, I had to turn away with an awkward smile, because I knew nothing of such things as love or passion. So often in life, an important moment happens. Often we don’t recognize these moments until they are over.

Les Parapluies de Cherbourg

(The Umbrellas of Cherbourg)
Music by Michel Legrand/Words by Jacques Demy

For several days, I look into the silence of these four walls of my love. Since you left, the shadow of your absence chases me throughout the night and leaves me each day. I don’t see any one; I am empty within myself. I don’t understand anything, because I am nothing without you. I have renounced everything; I have no illusions, yet I listen to our song.

I cannot live without you. I will die in an instant without you and exist no longer. Oh my love, do not ever leave me. I need you and want to live for you, my love. We are separated here at the [train] station, looking back toward each other ... oh, how I love you. Do not leave me.

Simple Comme Bonjour

(Simple like “Hello”)
Music by Henri Crolla/Lyrics by Jacques Preverts

Love is as clear as the day and is as simple as “hello.” Love is as plain as the back of your hand, and our love is the same. Why speak of a great love or sing of the grand life? Our love is happy in life, and that is plenty.

It’s true that love is very happy while still a bit risky, and when one closes the door on it, dreams fly out the window.

If our love wanted to go, we would do everything to recapture it, for what would life be without it? ... A sad waltz without music, a child who never laughed, a book that no one read, the epitome of emptiness, without love, there is no life.

Quando Tu Abres Os Olhos

(When You Open Your Eyes)
Francisco De Lacerda

When you open your eyes,
It seems like the day begins.
I was blind until now;
Before I saw them, I saw nothing.