Weekly Services

Wednesdays at 9 PM: Catholic Newman Club Mass
The Catholic Newman Club welcomes all students to worship God and to connect with their peers by joining for Mass every Wednesday at 9 PM in Heinz Chapel. Mass will be celebrated by one of the Oratorian priests, the Catholic chaplains for the University of Pittsburgh.  All students are welcome to join for food and fellowship after the Mass concludes. For more information visit thepittsburghoratory.org or join our Discord Server “Catholic Newman Club.”
Services begin for the spring 2023 term on January 11 and end on April 26. There will not be a service on March 8 due to Spring Break.

Thursdays at 8:30 PM: UCO Worship Nights
University Christian Outreach (UCO) is a strategic response to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ: changing campuses to change the world. We build life-giving campus communities to reach university students and call them to respond to the Gospel by putting their faith in Jesus and receiving new life in the Holy Spirit. If you are a university student in the Pittsburgh area, please consider joining us for contemporary praise, the preaching of the Gospel, and snacks and fellowship to wrap up the evening. 
For more details, visit ucoweb.org/mission, email joelpepmeyer@gmail.com or call 412-720-6794.
Services begin for the spring 2023 term on January 19. There will not be a service on March 9 due to Spring Break.

Sundays at 8 PM: Compline
This contemplative service is almost entirely sung by the Pittsburgh Compline Choir. Traditionally, one or more of the Psalms associated with Compline are sung or chanted by the choir. Before the service, the congregation is invited to submit names of persons in need or persons who have died to be chanted as part of the evening prayers. The service reaches back to the time of an undivided Christendom and resonates with people from widely different faith traditions. Music from the last 1000 years is offered by a dedicated choir made up of students and community members. Compline has been offered at Heinz Chapel by the Pittsburgh Compline Choir for over 30 years. 
For more information visit www.pghcompline.com.
Services begin for the spring 2023 term on January 15 and end on April 23.