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Doug Starr, Organist

Doug Starr, Organist

September 30, 2018

3:00 PM

In the Chapel's first organ recital of the fall semester, Doug Starr, Director of Music and Arts at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Mt. Lebanon and Dean of the Pittsburgh chapter of the American Guild of Organists, performs “Organ Suites for the Sweet”, a series of pieces of the same title by different composers.  As Doug explains, "There are many settings of the same title; e.g. Toccata, Aria, and Siciliano, or of the same compositional procedure; fugue, ground bass, etc.  I will fashion mini suites from these similar titles by diverse composers, ancient and modern, including J. S. Bach, Gabriel Faure, Herbert Howells, Henry Purcell and others."

Open to the public.  Admission is free.


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