Karrie Hlista Designs Studio

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KHD Studios is a Pittsburgh based, award-winning studio offering elegant floral designs for weddings and events. Karrie has over 20 years experience in the floral industry.

It starts with a passion and love for flowers! They search the earth ( literally) for the best quality and most unique flower choices to fly into the studio from exotic locations all over the world!  It is very common for them to use flowers from Holland, California, Thailand & Ecuador in your floral designs. They also use seasonal, local grown flowers from PA when available. Their design team loves to create romantic ceremony spaces, breathtaking bouquets and exquisite reception rooms along with their clients personalized style and wedding day visions.

Although Karrie has many years experience, they are always up for a challenge and love the opportunity to grow artistically. They stay true to their clients vision, style and taste for their amazing day!