Eventures Weddings

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Eventures Pittsburgh-based staff has created some of the most memorable, most extraordinary wedding events of the past twenty-five years.

From your first call or email to EventuresWeddings, you will be speaking to and working with an entertainment and/or visual arts professional who will assist and guide you through the entire process, from that first conversation to the event planning to the wedding day to the delivery of your last dvd or photo reprint!

Each member of their staff has depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in his or her respective discipline and is a permanent and exclusive member of the staff.

In addition, their professionals have trained together and worked together as members of the EventuresWeddings staff — they all share the same attention to your wishes, the same aesthetic, the same professionalism,the same attention to detail!

You can confidently place direct responsibility for your wedding on a team of talented, tactful, trustworthy, and seasoned professionals.

No event or venue is too small, too large or too far….their services and their fees are tailored to your wishes.

Please call 412.481.3424 or email them at EventuresWeddings studios to ensure that your wedding is as special and unique as you!