Chapel Hours & Tours

Learn about the chapel and come for a visit.

Chapel Hours

Monday - Thursday

The Chapel is closed until further notice.


Friday - Saturday

The Chapel is currently closed for events.



The Chapel is closed until further notice.



Heinz Chapel is currently closed.
Virtual tours by Chapel docents and wedding facility tours by Chapel wedding coordinators are available. Email for more information.

If you would like to schedule a tour at the Chapel for a future date, please email the chapel office. Individual and small group tours are given during chapel hours. Reservations are not required but recommended. Admission is free, donations are welcome.
Donation for large group tours (more than 10 people) is $2 per person and reservations are required.

Heinz Memorial Chapel 360° View

Ever wonder where the spiral staircase goes? See Now

Many a boy or girl with an hour to spend between classes will find his way to the Chapel for meditation. For the time, the beauty of the structure will become part of him.
Chancellor John Bowman, Cornerstone Address 1933