Donor Honor Roll

Heinz Memorial Chapel is a non-sectarian chapel given by the H.J. Heinz family to the University of Pittsburgh.

The Heinz Chapel Building Fund

At the Chapel’s dedication in 1938, Howard Heinz spoke for his family when he said that the chapel was “dedicated to culture, an understanding response to beauty, and religious worship.”

Annually, more than 100,000 visitors participate in its religious services, weddings, concerts, classes, memorial services, celebrations, and guided tours.

Although the chapel undergoes routine maintenance, its priceless features sometimes require more specialized care. Through donations to the Heinz Chapel Building Fund, administrators hope to embark on several projects, including preservation of the flèche, pews, roof, pipe organ, and the famous Charles J. Connick stained-glass windows. By addressing the projects now, we can be certain that the masterpiece will endure for many more decades.

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Heinz Chapel Building Fund Donors Fiscal Year 2020

Mr. Hunt M. Allard and Mrs. Diane Lynn Allard
Mrs. Judith D. Antonelli *
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Bajuszik Jr. *
Barbara A. Baker *
Ms. Devorah J. Basinger *
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Scott Bauer *
Mr. and Mrs. Cody N. Baxter
Mr. Ronald N. Beck and Ms. Chizu F. Shiono *
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Bedner *
Mr. William Blosel and Mrs. Michele Blosel *
Mr. and Mrs. S. Bernie Blystone Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff G. Bohn *
Ms. Rosemary Bowers *
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Brill
Mr. Charles Bronder and Mrs. Patricia Bronder *
Ms. Karen Mertz Burke
Ms. Margaret G. Burns
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Burns Sr. *
Dr. David Chou and Dr. Barbara Bartus Chou *
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Clark *
The Columbus Foundation *
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Connolly
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Conrad *
Dr. Mary Ann Dailey and Mr. Jacob Dailey *
Mr. Ronald S. Davis and Mrs. Nancy B. Davis
Mr. David J. DeFazioi
Mr. and Mrs. David DeGeorge *
Dr. Frederick R. DeRubertis and Mrs. Alida C. DeRubertis
Mr. and Mrs. Steve R. Dean *
Mr. and Mrs. Sean D. Dean
Ms. Karen A. Deasy
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Decima *
Mr. Anthony J. Delcollo
Mr. Matthew J. Dillon *
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Diurba *
Dr. Erica J. Dollhopf *
Mr. Cooper and Ms. Donaghy
Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Dull Jr.
Mr. Ben Dwulit�and Mrs. Keera L. Dwulit *
Dr. John M. Dzuban and Dr. M. Kathleen Kelly *
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ebbert *
Mr. Stephen E. Eidson *
Mr. and Mrs. M. Ray Ferguson *
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund *
Dr. Kendra Gago Folker *
Mr. Richard D. Foltz and Mrs. Karen Foltz
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Francis *
Dr. Irene Hanson Frieze *
Mr. Guy P. Gadola III *
Mr. Gary L. Gittings and Mrs. Julie A. Gittings
Mr. and Mrs. J. Roger Glunt *
Mr. Chad Goodwin and Dr. Erin Rodgers *
Antonnette V. Graham PhD and Norman R. Graham PhD
Mr. James Grenen and Mrs. Mary Grenen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Gress *
Miss Nancy L. Gulliford *
Mr. Joseph Hocking and Ms. Virgina Radosh *
Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. Holland *
Dr. Adrian Ionescu and Dr. Dawn Ionescu
Mr. Robert A. Jehling and Mrs. Julie A. Jehling
Dr. and Mrs. Norman L. Johnson *
Dr. and Mrs. Dale E. Johnston *
Dale E. & Janice Davis Johnston Family Foundation *
Mr. Joseph L. Junker
Mr. Frank H. Kaprive *
Ms. Susan M. Kazierczak
Dr. Karen J. Kelly and Mr. Sean Kelly *
Dr. and Mrs. Daryl C. Kemerer *
Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Kenny Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul K. Kiever
Ms. Sandra A. Kiniry *
Ms. Beth M. Klebacha and Mr. Kyle Lacey
Col. and Mrs. Robert F. Koenig Jr. *
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Kossert *
Dr. and Mrs. Terrence J. Kushner *
Mr. Joseph R. Guzzardi and Ms. Wendy Lau *
Rev. Rose Marie and Mr. Gregory Leroy *
Ms. Harley J. Lindberg *
Maria C. Liotta, OD and Mr. Carter Bullard
Ms. Jane Morrell Love *
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. MacDonald *
Mr. Louis P. Mafrice and Ms. Alicia M. Hawkins *
Mr. and Mrs. Fiorello G. Malit *
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Marks *
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Marshall *
Dr. Robyn M. Marszalek and Mr. Jason K. Taddeo*
Mr. Michael J. Mascis and Ms. Noreen A. Cmar-Mascis *
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Maxwell *
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Mazzola *
Dr. Carol Z. McGrevin and Mr. Gene R. McGrevin *
Mr. and Mrs. Ian R. McGuire *
Mr. Michael E. McPoland and Mrs. Alexis McPoland *
Ms. Naomi F. Mekeel
Ms. Nancy M. Merritt
Dr. Maria Von Mickwitz *
Dr. and Mrs. Ricci A. Minella
Dr. and Mrs. Allaaddin Mollabashy *
Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Morgan *

* indicates multiple years of support

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our records, we encourage visitors to our website to alert the Heinz Chapel office of any errors or omissions by emailing us at