University of Pittsburgh

Kyle Simpson Jazz Collective Presents the Music of Björk

September 23, 2018 - 3:00pm

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In this exclusive concert, the Kyle Simpson Jazz Collective will present an afternoon of instrumental jazz arrangements from the iconic, influential, and genre-defying Icelandic pop artist Björk. Björk has helped to define what it is to be a contemporary music icon, by relying on musical influences from her native Iceland whist incorporating electronic, trip-hop, classical, experimental, and jazz music elements. The New Yorker's Taylor Bynum cleverly put it, "no contemporary artist so gracefully bridges the divide [between music experimentalist and pop celebrity] as Björk". The collective will celebrate her vast and diverse repertoire, as well as playing music from Simpson's 2016 album Something in Between. This will make for an afternoon of beautiful and unique jazz music.

Open to the public.  Admission is free.