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75th Anniversary Celebration



Heinz Memorial Chapel 75th Anniversary

Saturday, November 23, 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to CLAUDE MAUK, the winner of our Heinz Chapel Lego replica!

Just added to YouTube:   "Heinz Chapel 75th Anniversary"  The slideshow photos from our 75th Anniversary.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo to make a special memory for us. 

To view the professional photographer (Anita Buzzy Prentiss) photo album from the 75th Anniversary:  Password:  Heinz

 Voted (by a panel of readers) Best Wedding Story:

"Our wedding story is nothing short of magical. I began dating Michael in May of 2011. We had both been married before and had made it quite clear to each other that we had no intention of ever marrying again. We became very devoted to one another, however, and we did everything together. I asked him to accompany me to the alumni "Welcome Back"reception being held on Homecoming weekend 2012. It was Pitt's 225th anniversary and twenty years since I had graduated from Pitt. A special homecoming! While at the reception, a pretty woman in a white wedding gown approached us and invited us to take part in "I do! I do!!" It sounded like fun so we walked to Heinz Chapel and signed up. I was given a lovely bouquet of pink roses to hold and we had our picture taken at the altar. As we walked from the altar toward the rear of the chapel and the organist played the time honoured wedding recessional, I began to cry. Michael asked me why and I replied, "I always cry at weddings!". We walked back toward the front of the Cathedral of Learning along the Fifth Avenue side of the building. When we passed a bench, I asked Michael if he would mind if I sat for a moment to catch my breath. He said he didn't mind and I sat, but I never had a chance to catch my breath. Before I knew what was happening, Michael had knelt and taken both of my hands in his. He asked me if I would be so kind as to do him the honour of becoming his wife. I looked into his eyes and saw so much love there! I began to cry again but I did manage to squeak out a "Yes!!!" That was October 12th. We were married little more than one month later on November 16th. As of this writing, we have not yet enjoyed our first anniversary but when I found out about the Renewal of Vows ceremony scheduled for the 75th anniversary of Heinz Chapel, I thought it would be a wonderful way for us to celebrate that first anniversary . I have the photo from "I do, I do!"2012 in a prominent place in our living room so that I might always be reminded of that night. To renew our vows at Heinz Chapel is to come full circle. Something happened that night when we stood at the altar: something that filled our hearts and brought us together forever. I credit the echoed whispers of "I do!" that are born of the love for and faith in each other that have been spoken again and again in that beautiful chapel for the happiness Michael and I share today. It takes strength and courage to make a commitment to marry and to see it through. We will be there on November 23rd to renew our vows at Heinz Chapel; after all--that is where it really began for us!  That is the wedding story of Janine and Michael Ledergerber, married November 16, 2012."